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Introducing Sustainable Solutions for Your Home with Setera Electrical Contractors! 🌿💡

Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your electrical bills? Look no further! At Setera Electrical Contractors, we have a range of innovative ideas to help you achieve both goals effortlessly.

🔌 Electric Vehicle Charging Station 🔌 Switch to an Electric Vehicle (EV) and watch your reliance on gasoline plummet, while saving big bucks at the pump. With an average cost of just $16 to fill up a Model S (405 mile range), the benefits are clear. Additionally, a typical petroleum passenger vehicle produces around 4.6 metric tons of CO2 annually. Let us install Level I and Level II Car chargers, turning your emissions down to zero.

💡 Wifi Enabled Lighting and Switching 💡 Take control of your home's lighting from anywhere with wifi-enabled solutions! By using your smartphone or voice commands through smart home hubs like Alexa, Siri, or Google Home, you can set the perfect mood, conserve energy by turning off forgotten lights, or enhance security by illuminating the area for someone arriving at night. Our experts will design and develop a system that suits your needs best.

🏠 Insulating Switches and Receptacles 🏠 Save energy and keep the elements out by installing foam electrical outlet gaskets to seal your sockets and switches. Say goodbye to feeling cold air blowing through outlets and switch plates during winter! These foam gaskets create a barrier from the living space, insulating wall cavities and preventing heating and cooling losses of up to 20%. Our team will seal up these openings, keeping the outside where it belongs.

🌡️ Smart Thermostats 🌡️ Experience ultimate comfort and cost savings with Smart Thermostats. These AI-powered devices learn your schedule and preferences, maintaining the perfect temperature while optimizing energy usage. They also provide detailed HVAC system reports, maintenance reminders, and can even sync with Nest Smoke Detectors to turn off HVAC during a fire emergency. We'll help you navigate the options and design a smart system tailored to your home.

💡 LED Bulbs and Fixtures 💡 Embrace energy efficiency with LED technology! Say goodbye to the old 60-watt light bulbs and welcome 9-watt LED bulbs that provide the same bright light. That's six LED bulbs for every traditional bulb! Enjoy noticeable savings on your electricity bills by making the switch. Plus, we can expertly match the LED color to create the perfect lighting scheme for your home. Book an appointment today to upgrade all your existing light bulbs and fixtures!

Go green and save green with Setera Electrical Contractors! Contact us now for a consultation and make your home an eco-friendly oasis. 🌎💚 #SeteraElectrical #SustainableLiving #EnergyEfficiency #GoGreen #EcoFriendlyHome

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