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Kitchen and Bath Remodels  add the most
significant  value to homes!

Home Renovations


Remodeling all or part of your home can be a big investment that can come with big headaches. We can help alleviate those headaches by helping you have a smooth and painless process from design to permit to install. General Contractors require a great deal of assistance from their electrician, in coordinating and delivering the customers’ electrical requirements, and we are ready to take up the task.

We can work on a set price amount or a time and material option. We will go over any and all design options and always give you our honest opinions on whatever we see.

Here are some renovations options to think about when planning for your project-

Bathroom Remodel

  • Overhead and Over the mirror Lighting Lighting, recessed or decorative

  • Bathroom Exhaust Fan Install or upgrade with or without wifi speakers

  • Adding GFCI receptacles for Bidets/Chargers

  • Installing Dimmer Switches 

  • Heated Floors

Kitchen Remodel

  • Adding Under Cabinet Lighting

  • Installing Recessed lights

  • Installing Pendant lighting over Islands

  • Adding plenty of Receptacles for all countertop appliances

  • Installing USB charging receptacles for Phone Chargers

  • LED lighting for Glass Door Cabinets

  • Upgraded Appliances sometimes need upgraded wiring

  • Converting from gas to electric appliances

  • Installing an over head Microwave

  • adding exhaust fans

Basement Remodel

  • Its your basement, go wild

  • Receptacles for sump pumps

  • Added general use receptacles

  • Recessed Lighting for Low Ceilings 

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