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EVs are fast becoming more common and readily available. Is your home ready for an electric vehicle?

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Purchasing an Electric Vehicle will dramatically decrease your dependence on gasoline and help save some big bucks at the pump. The average cost to fill up a Model S (405 mile range) is about $16 , and an average typical petroleum passenger vehicle will produce around 4.6 metric tons of CO2 per year.

We can help install any and all Level I and Level II Car chargers to help knock those emissions down to zero.

Panel Upgrades For Charging

One aspect often overlooked when purchasing an electric vehicle is the capacity to be able to actually charge the vehicle at a suitable rate. Most vehicles when purchased provide a charging cord that can be plugged right into any normal wall outlet (level 1 charger) you can find. But depending on the model the speed of charge could be 3 miles per hour as compared to around 44 miles per hour with a level 2 charger. Its a pretty big difference. So getting you the best speeds is our priority. We check to make sure that your panel and electrical system can support and handle the larger connection and that all your grounding and bonding are up to code which is crucial for the safety of your cars electronics.

Surge Protection

With all of our EV wall charging installations we highly recommend that you install a whole home surge protection system. The national electric code has been updated to include these systems in new homes and upgrades home electric services, but in existing homes they still need to be added. These devices are crucial to protecting all of the electronics not only in our home but  in our vehicles from over voltage due to surges from motors inside our own homes and accidental surges from our incoming power from the power lines. Some surges are small and you may not even notice them, but every time you see your lights dim or become bright when your HVAC turns on, your home is experiencing a fluctuation in voltage which overtime damages the lifespan of all of our electronics.

Different Charging Options & Discounts

Not everyone owns a Tesla, and there are other options out there for wall charging. Check your local power company for discounts and rebates on electric vehicle charging stations. Often they have recommendations or deals and may even offer discounted charging hours if you sign up.

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