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whole home surge suppressors protect all of your appliances 

and electronics

Whole Home Surge Protection

     The national electric code has been updated to include these systems in new homes and upgrades home electric services, but in existing homes they still need to be added. These devices are crucial to protecting all of the electronics not only in our home but in our vehicles as well from over voltage due to surges from motors inside our own homes and accidental surges from our incoming power from the power lines. Some surges are small and you may not even notice them, but every time you see your lights dim or become bright when your HVAC turns on, your home is experiencing a fluctuation in voltage which overtime damages the lifespan of all of our electronics.

Different Protection Options

There are 2 main types of surge protection devices. An external block type and an internal breaker type. Both offer varying levels of protection with the external block being the better of the 2 options. We offer lifetime warranties on our surge protection devices. There are green indicator lights on the device and if they every go out, just give us a call and we will replace it at no cost to you. Some products made by such companies as EATON even offer up to $75000 in compensation if their device fails to protect your home appliances and equipment. Call us now for more information and to get yours installed today!

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