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Beat the Summer Heat, Install a new Ceiling fan in your bedroom today!

Lighting And Ceiling Fans


We offer all sorts of Lighting and Ceiling Fan services. From new installs to retrofits to repairs. We can take care of all of your lighting and Fan needs. Here are just a few options and ideas!

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is available in many different sizes, trims colors and trim functions sure to meet any lighting requirements in your home. Recessed lighting is constructed with very few components, and is very thin so it has the ability to fit into tight spaces and unlike many other lighting options, you can install a many of recessed lights in one area without sacrificing or overpowering any features of the room. We can also retrofit existing recessed lights to newer more efficient and sleeker LED lighting.We offer available options of integrating Smart Home systems into any lighting scenario as well.

UnderCabinet Lighting

Adding Under Cabinet Lighting to a kitchen can add a much needed modern boost as well as adding value to the kitchen. We have an assortment of options available for lighting such as standard fixtures, tape LED (which allows for multicolored lighting and themes) and low voltage. We offer available options of integrating Smart Home systems into any lighting scenario as well.

Ceiling Fans

Whether it's replacing an existing fan  or Installing a new Fan where none exists to help beat the heat in the summer, we can have you up and running in no time. We can offer many options for control of the fan/light as well as smart home integration. Basic fan installations (the wiring already exists) start around $120

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can help Light a pathway from the driveway to the home in the dark, or just help illuminate the beauty of your yard as well as improve security.  We can help offer complete design solutions for all of your outdoor needs.

Outdoor Security Lighting

Is the outside of your home properly lit for security and safety? Having motion sensing lighting outdoors can help secure the safety of you and guests when arriving/leaving your property when its dark out. We can offer any replacement of broken lights as well as add lights where none exist currently. We can also offer Smart Home integrated lighting systems.

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