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Wifi Lighting and Switches offer control even when you are away from home!

Tips for Eco Friendly Electrical Upgrades

Whether you are trying to lower your carbon foot print or your electrical bill, we have a few ideas on how to accomplish both.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Purchasing an Electric Vehicle will dramatically decrease your dependence on gasoline and help save some big bucks at the pump. The average cost to fill up a Model S (405 mile range) is about $16 , and an average typical petroleum passenger vehicle will produce around 4.6 metric tons of CO2 per year.

We can help install any and all Level I and Level II Car chargers to help knock those emissions down to zero.

Wifi Enabled Lighting and Switching

We now have the ability to control all the lighting in our home from our phones! Whether we are home or away, with the touch of a finger or a phrase from our mouth into a smart home hub ( Alexa, Siri, Google Home, ect.) we can set the mood, turn off forgotten lights, or turn on a security light for someone arriving at your home at night.  We can help design and develop a system that is best suited for you!

Insulating Switches and Receptacles

An easy way to save energy in your home is to install foam electrical outlet gaskets to seal your sockets and switches. If you happen to stand by your outlet sockets and switch plates on a windy day during the winter, have you ever felt cold air blowing from these places?  The purpose of foam gaskets is to seal and insulate the wall cavities behind all outlet and switch plates, creating a barrier from the living space.  Inner-wall cavities also contain pipes, introducing outside air from your crawlspace, basement or attic.  All of these wall penetrations contribute to a heating and cooling loss by as much as 20%. This is what makes the inner wall cavities subject to cold air even in a well insulated home. We can help seal up these openings and keep the outside where is belongs!

Smart thermostats

Smart Thermostats can off AI learning of your schedules to help keep the temperature right where you want it while also saving your money. It can proved robust reports on your HVAC system, reminders for maintenance, and in even have the ability to turn your HVAC off when paired with a Nest Smoke Detector in the case of a fire! There are many pros and options and we can help you sift through them all and design a great system for you and your home!

LED Bulbs and Fixtures

The days of the 60 watt light bulb are gone. Now we can get the same exact light at 9 watts of power instead. Thats 6 LED bulbs for every 1 classic 60 watt light bulb. The difference is staggering and the savings can be quite noticeable depending on how much lighting in currently in your home. With the new LED technology we now have the ability to color match existing light bulbs and create the perfect color scheme for your home. Set up an appt today to  help change over all existing lights bulbs and Fixtures!

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