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Question: Do you repair the old drywall as well? Or do you know a sub for that?

Answer: While we do not repair the drywall ourselves, we will typically try and keep the pieces and screw them back into place for a temporary solution. But we do have recommendations for local contractors as well as a local app, "Dobby" that we partner with for customers to reach out to for the finished drywall repair.

Question: Do you install Stand-By (Non portable) Generators?

Answer: We do not currently Non Portable Stand-By Generators systems. We can assist with the electrical task with this an installation if needed but typically a dedicated Stand By Generator Company would handle the project from beginning to end.

Question: Do you offer Financing?

Answer: Yes, we do offer financing through a partnership with WiseTack. You can click the link to take you to a pre-qualification form to see what sort of financing would be available to you so you can accurately gauge the project size and cost before agreeing to anything.

Question: Do you work on / install security systems?

Answer: Yes & No. We can help install some DIY systems such as Ring or Simplisafe but we do not install or maintain systems such as ADT or Vivent.

Question: Do you install Smart Home Products?

Answer: Yes, we can help design and install many different smart home systems or options for helping automate your home!

Question: Do you have an Hourly Rate?

Answer: Typically no. We will go over the project with you and asses the project cost and let you know all costs upfront. In some special circumstances we may decide


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